Friday, July 28, 2006

AHLA's Health Lawyers Weekly

With AHLA's permission, here's the Table of Contents of today's issue of Health Lawyers Weekly:

I. Top Stories:

  • House Clears HIT Legislation
  • FDA To Improve Transparency Of Advisory Panel Conflicts, Official Says

II. Articles & Analyses:

  • A Discussion About Alternative Dispute Resolution In The Healthcare Field
  • 2005-2006 In-House Counsel Year In Review
  • 2005-2006 Labor And Employment Year In Review

III. Current Topics:

A. Criminal Law

  • Seventh Circuit Says Dentist May Not Withdraw Guilty Plea To Medicaid Fraud

B. Employment and Labor

  • New Jersey Supreme Court Says Shareholder-Director Of Radiology Practice Not An "Employee" Under State's Whistleblower Protection Statute


  • U.S. Court In Pennsylvania Says ERISA Pre-Empts Hospital’s Contract Claims Against Insurers

D. Fraud and Abuse

  • Update

E. Health Information Technology

  • CDC Finds Increasing Percentage Of Office-Based Physicians Using Electronic Medical Records

F. Hospitals and Health Systems

  • Oregon Health System Settles Charity Care Lawsuit
  • U.S. Court In New Jersey Rejects Lawsuit Against Health System For Overcharging Uninsured
  • Labor Union Ordered To Pay $17.3 Million For Defaming Hospital System
  • Long Term Care OIG Finds State Survey Agencies Failed To Investigate Serious Complaints At Nursing Homes Within Required Timeframes

G. Managed Care

  • California Governor Issues Executive Order To End "Balance Billing"
  • Medicaid Sixth Circuit Upholds Dismissal Of Most § 1983 Claims Against Michigan Officials For Failure To Provide Services Mandated By Medicaid Act
  • States To Receive $1.75 Billion To Offer Alternative Long Term Care Options Under Medicaid
  • CMS Announces New Policies For Medicaid Asset Transfers, Improved Coordination Of Care
  • CMS OKs Landmark Massachusetts Healthcare Reform Plan

H. Medical Malpractice

  • Texas Appeals Court Finds Error In Dismissal Of Malpractice Action Against Laboratory

I. Medicare

  • House Panel Considers Medicare Physician Payment Fixes
  • GAO Finds Few Major Access Problems Reported By Medicare Beneficiaries For Physician Services
  • CMS Announces Payment Updates For Home Health Services, Nursing Homes

J. News in Brief

  • CMS Announces $150 Million In Transformation Grants For State Medicaid Programs
  • CMS Issues Final Part D Marketing Guidelines
  • CMS Awards Contracts To Test Transfer Of Medicare Data To PHRs For Online Use

K. Physicians

  • California Appeals Court Rejects Physician's Retaliatory Eviction And Suspension Claims Against Hospital
  • California Supreme Court Holds Hospital Could File Anti-SLAPP Motion To Strike Complaint Arising From Peer Review Proceedings
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