Sunday, March 29, 2009

Good article in today's NY Times comparing the Obama health reform plan to the Massachusetts experience, including a nifty graphic that summarizes the similarities and differences nicely.

I think Obama's initial emphasis on cost-control is smart - it's by no means clear that the U.S. can afford universal coverage at this point, and even if we tried, the effort would be doomed if unsustainable cost increases aren't also addressed. But eventually, in order for cost control to work, 49 million or so uninsured are going to have to get coverage:

Universal coverage should itself bring down costs over the long run by preventing chronic disease and reducing the amount of non-urgent care provided in emergency rooms. But it requires increased government spending in the form of subsidies for those who cannot now afford coverage.

Obama is starting to address access by focusing on kids first, which is politically astute and humane, and he will presumably expand public programs and public subsidies for private insurance incrementally.
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