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Latest from AHLA's Health Lawyers Weekly (15 Sep 2006)

From the table of contents of the September 15 issue of AHLA's Health Lawyers Weekly, a free member benefit:
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  • Grassley Continues To Examine Nonprofit Hospitals' Provision Of Charity Care -- Senate Finance Committee Chairman Charles Grassley (R-IA) took the next step in his effort to examine the nonprofit hospital sector by convening a hearing September 13, Taking the Pulse of Charitable Care and Community Benefits at Nonprofit Hospitals, as well as releasing responses from ten nonprofit hospitals on Grassley's 2005 query about their charitable activities. Full Story
  • CMS Announces 5.6% Increase In Standard Medicare Part B Monthly Premium For 2007 -- The standard Medicare Part B monthly premium for 2007 will increase by 5.6%, from the current $88.50 to $93.50, which is lower than early projections, according to a fact sheet released September 12 by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).Both the 2006 Medicare Trustees Report issued in May and the July Mid-Session Review of the President's 2007 budget forecast a new Part B premium of $98.50, the fact sheet noted. Full Story

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