Thursday, August 05, 2004

Abortion and deceptive trade practices.

It's a somewhat unusual combination, but a federal judge in New Orleans enjoined a local man from a variety of deceptive trade practices all intended to interfere with the abortion rights of women (see AP newswire story, courtesy of the Boston Globe). According to the news story:
US District Judge Stanwood Duval granted a preliminary injunction against William A. Graham, who was accused of listing the business phone of his Causeway Center for Women under ''Abortion Services" and making misleading statements aimed at delaying women until it was too late to get legal abortions. . . .

The lawsuit accused Graham of pretending to refer women to abortion providers at bargain prices, then telling them their appointments had been postponed. Louisiana law allows abortions only during the first 24 weeks of pregnancy.

One plaintiff said Graham told her that if an abortion were ''performed too early, it could be harmful to her health," according to the lawsuit.

Elizabeth Nette of Metairie, La., said Graham deterred her 19-year-old daughter, Mary Schloegel, from getting an abortion.

Nette contacted Graham in January. Graham told her he would set up appointments at a local hospital, but delayed them for six weeks, Nette said.

Schloegel is now eight months pregnant and will have the baby.
As unconscionable as Graham's conduct is (regardless of one's views of abortion), his comment was, ''I still don't see that we've done anything wrong." Clueless.
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