Saturday, November 01, 2003

Schiavo developments.

  1. The ACLU's brief on behalf of Michael Schiavo "as guardian of Terry Schiavo" against the Florida legislation can be found here (52 pp., PDF).

  2. Newsday, the L.A. Times, and others are reporting that Jay Wolfson, a University of South Florida professor and "expert on health care financing, has been appointed to independently investigate the case . . . . A judge on Friday named [him] as Terry Schiavo's guardian." Prof. Wolfson's web site is here.
  3. Today's Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has an excellent piece on the case, with useful observations from Alan Meisel, whom I think of as the Magister Ludi of "the right to die," and neurologist Ron Cranford.
The New York Times will be publishing a profile of Michael Schiavo in tomorrow's (Nov. 2) paper. Here's the link to it on today's web site (if that link doesn't work, try this; I'm experimenting with Google links to see if they are stable as the Userland feeds).
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