Tuesday, November 04, 2003

A Catholic priest and bioethicist takes on the Governor and legislature of Florida.

There's a good article in this morning's Miami Herald in which Fr. Kevin O'Rourke disputes the ethics of keeping Terri Schiavo alive.
''For Christians, it is a blasphemy to keep people alive as if you were doing them a favor, to keep people alive in that condition as if it benefits them. It doesn't benefit them,'' O'Rourke argues. ``I know it is wrapped up in the pro-life, antiabortion activity, and while I am antiabortion, I also know there is eternal life and that we should not confuse or equate the antiabortion effort with the notion of withdrawing life support from dying people.

``They act as though the most important thing is to lead a long life and Christians who read the Gospel seriously believe that it is a good life you are pursuing, not a long life. But this notion of having a long life has become the watchword for these groups. Life is terminal. Life by definition is going to have an end.''
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