Sunday, February 08, 2004

How Appealing's 20 questions site.

I am continually impressed by Howard Bashman's How Appealing's 20 questions site. Students looking for a diverse collection of opinions by sitting appellate judges on the nature of their work -- and, necessarily, their view of the Constitution, Congress, their relationship with the Supreme Court, etc. -- will have a field day on this site. There doesn't appear to be any ideological bias here - the judges represent all points along the two-party political spectrum (apparently no Greens need apply for judicial appointments in this country), and the questions are probing but respectful. Some of my favorite judges are here (e.g., Tacha, Tjoflat, Posner, Richard Arnold, Reinhardt) with, I hope, many more to come.
posted by tommayo, 8:18 AM

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