Sunday, February 22, 2004

Appellate advocacy at its finest.

For all the 1L's in my Constitutional Law class, preparing their briefs for moot court and anticipating the day they will get up and argue their first (moot) case, here's a keeper from Howard Bashman's "How Appealing" blog:
The perils of an advocate's trying to replicate an allegedly hostile work environment from the lectern at the start of an appellate oral argument: Today in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit, a three-judge panel consisting of Circuit Judges Richard D. Cudahy, Richard A. Posner, and Ilana Diamond Rovner [by the way, none of these links appears to be working, but I'm including them from the original post, just in case the problem is only temporary] heard oral argument in the case of Leslie D. McPherson v. City of Waukegan. The attorney for plaintiff-appellant McPherson began his oral argument as follows:
My name is Jed Stone, and I represent the appellant Leslie McPherson.

"What color is your bra? Does it match your panties?"
Immediately thereafter, Judge Rovner interjected:
Are you speaking to Judge Posner?
The courtroom erupted in laughter. You can download the audio of the oral argument via this link (right-click to save MPG audio file to your computer's hard drive before playing audio). Thanks so very much to the reader who emailed to bring this oral argument from earlier today to my attention.
If you listen to the sound clip, check out Mr. Stone's seamless recovery . . .
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