Thursday, August 14, 2003

More on stem cell research and cloning.

In addition to the three-fer in the Mayo Clinic Proceedings mentioned here yesterday, the New England Journal of Medicine had its own three-fer on this topic in its July 17 issue. The NEJM offers full text articles, with rare exceptions, for subscribers only, so all I can give you here are links to the abstracts, which are available to the public for free.
Prometheus's Vulture and the Stem-Cell Promise, by Nadia Rosenthal, Ph.D.

Review Article: Nuclear Transplantation, Embryonic Stem Cells, and the Potential for Cell Therapy, by Konrad Hochedlinger, Ph.D., and Rudolf Jaenisch, M.D.

Edtorial: Legislative Myopia on Stem Cells, by Jeffrey M. Drazen, M.D.
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