Sunday, September 27, 2009

Dallas Morning News' excellent series on health care costs (and other things that matter)

Hooray to the Dallas Morning News for its week-long series on health care and the systemic issues that have contributed to the crisis we are now in. Free registration may be required to view all of these articles. . . .

Sun., 9/27: High prices, red tape fuel popular Dallas doctor's move to Temple

Sun., 9/27: Focus on cost efficiency, quality pays off for Temple-based Scott & White Healthcare

Sun., 9/27: No country has perfect system, but there are lessons to learn

Wed., 9/23: Critics see home health care boom as wasteful, but others tout benefits

Tue., 9/22: Cost of Care: Medical imaging a growth industry, but some say unneeded scans increase expenses

Mon., 9/21: Cost of Care: Doctor-owned hospitals a lucrative practice, though opinions split on benefits

Mon., 9/21: Cost of Care: Baylor Medical Center at Frisco poised to net big payoff for doctor-investors

Sun., 9/20: Cost of Care: Dallas sees no relief in health care expenses as competition drives up costs

Sun., 9/20: Feeling no relief in Dallas: City outspends most on medical care

Sat., 9/19: Cost of Care: 'Vicious circle' of uninsured results in higher bills for health coverage, taxes in Dallas-Fort Worth

Patients' stories:

Regional disparities in Medicare spending:

High prices, red tape fuel popular Dallas doctor's move to Temple

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