Sunday, November 23, 2008

Larry Gostin's "Public Health Law" text in new edition

The great just got better.

No public-health law library would be complete without Larry Gostin's Public Health Law -- Power, Duty, Restraint. Originally published eight years ago, PHL was always more than simply a good place to start your research: Gostin's opus had depth to match its breadth.
Well, now the second edition of PHL has been published by the University of California Press (it also sells for 10% off on and qualifies for Amazon Prime).

Described as "revised and expanded," the new volume more than lives up to its billing. With no apparent change in the size of the page or the font and typeface, the new edition weighs in at 767 pages, up nearly 300 pages over the original. The index -- already good -- has been improved, and the endnotes have nearly doubled in length.

The text has been reorganized in a more logical, thematically consistent manner, and there are new chapters on global health and administrative law and regulation.

On the basis of a quick review, I recommend the new edition without reservation.
posted by Tom Mayo, 2:03 PM

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