Thursday, August 07, 2008

U.S. health care reform: can 8 out of 10 Americans be wrong?

The latest from The Commonwealth Fund is a report based upon a Harris Interactive survey that sought the opinions of a sample of 1,004 adults about our health care system. Here's a summary of the results:

Overall, the telephone survey of a representative sample of 1,004 adults age 18 and older reveals that the health care delivery system does not serve the public well — eight of 10 respondents say it needs to be fundamentally changed or completely rebuilt. Many adults experience difficulties accessing care and poor care coordination, and struggle with the administrative hassles and complexity of health insurance. In addition, the survey found that one of three adults has experienced inefficient or unnecessary care in the past two years. Adults want their health care to be more patient-centered and integrated, and see an important role for information technology and teamwork in improving care. Reflecting these shared concerns, there is strong support for the next president to address health care quality, coverage, and costs.
The data brief and data packs are all available here.
posted by Tom Mayo, 8:13 AM

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