Sunday, December 02, 2007

Top Ten Health Law Stories in 2008: FDA

There's no denying either the urgency of the FDA's mess or the bipartisan political appeal of the issue of food and drug safety. Consider this lead from the New York Times' Nov. 29 article on the latest report describing the agency's woes:

The nation’s food supply is at risk, its drugs are potentially dangerous and its citizens’ lives are at stake because the Food and Drug Administration is desperately short of money and poorly organized, according to an alarming report by agency advisers.
The report can be found here. (If the lack of an easily navigable website is any indication of agency disorganization, the FDA must be the poster child for agency chaos. This report is almost impossible to find using any of the links on the website. Then again, considering the devastating critique contained in the report, maybe the powers-that-be are trying to make it hard to find.)

Here are some of the major findings:

If that's not enough to make your Post Toasties wilt, I don't what is . . . .

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