Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Here's a news post courtesy of FDLI's SmartBrief:

White House to face state SCHIP lawsuits -- New Jersey was the first of several states expected to file lawsuits against the Bush administration over rules set in August that limit state coverage of children's health insurance to exclude children in middle-income families. Arizona, California, Illinois, Maryland, New Hampshire, New York and Washington also say they plan to file or support lawsuits challenging the rules, claiming that the income limits set by the administration breach federal government authority on SCHIP and make it more difficult for them to provide coverage for children. "Our chief goal with SCHIP is to ensure that the poorest kids and those with no health insurance are placed at the front of the line," a CMS spokesman countered. Courier-Post (Camden-Cherry Hill, N.J.) (10/2), The Washington Post (10/2), Forbes/Associated Press (10/1).

Interesting development, this. This issue of whether higher eligibility cutoffs for SCHIP will put on the federal dole middle-class kids who would otherwise be covered by private insurance is at the heart of the White House's veto of the new SCHIP authorization bill (H.R. 976), too. Terence Hunt is reporting (AP/Washington Post) this afternoon that Pres. Bush has announced his intention to veto the SCHIP reauthorization bill on Wednesday, and that there will be no ceremony for the television cameras. Too bad: I was hoping to be able to post the YouTube video of the veto ceremony. Guess I'll have to go with something else . . . .

Sen. Susan Collins (R-Me.)

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