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Health Affairs' 25 most-read articles of 2006

Here's an offer that's too good to pass up:

Health Affairs’ 25 Most-Read Articles From 2006

To celebrate the start of Health Affairs’ 25th anniversary year, we list here the 25 most frequently viewed articles published in 2006. In 2006, Health Affairs’’ Web readership grew to 12 million pageviews.

The paper on nurse staffing in hospitals by Jack Needleman and colleagues took the top spot for a paper published in 2006 with 37,547 pageviews. Two papers from 2005 earned the “most-read overall” ranking: “Can Electronic Medical Record Systems Transform Health Care?” by Richard Hillestad and colleagues from Health Affairs’ September/October 2005 issue attracted 40,263 pageviews in 2006, and the medical bankruptcy Web Exclusive by David Himmelstein and colleagues from February 2005 continued its high readership, adding 39,262 pageviews in 2006 to its over 70,000 pageviews from 2005, thus surpassing 100,000 readings of the paper.

25 Most-Read Health Affairs Papers Published in 2006:
25 Most-Read Health Affairs Papers Overall Online in 2006:

We are sending this notice to subscribers so you may see which papers your cohorts viewed most often at As a subscriber you have online access to these papers and to all journal content. To celebrate our 25th anniversary, we are opening access to the 25 papers from 2006 through January 19, 2007, so you may share these with colleagues, students and others who may not currently have access.

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