Saturday, October 23, 2004

Physician-hospital joint venture: commentary on IRS' PLR

On June 9, the IRS issued Private Letter Ruling 200436002, which generally approved of a proposed physician-hospital joint venture. The ruling is described and analyzed by Don Stuart in a commentary in the Oct. 18 on-line issue of HealthLeaders. Stuart's description of the deal is more succinct than the Service's:
[A] nonprofit, tax-exempt hospital proposed to form a new joint venture
structured as a limited partnership to own and operate a freestanding diagnostic
imaging center. Units in the limited partnership will be offered to physician
investors and related physician groups. If the offering becomes fully
subscribed, the joint venture will be structured so that a LLC wholly owned by
the nonprofit hospital will serve as general partner and own 1 percent, the
nonprofit hospital as a limited partner will own 54 percent, the physician
investors will own 40 percent and an independent management company will own 5
percent of the limited partnership.

Key factors in securing the IRS' blessings track the considerations set forth in Revenue Ruling 98-15 (courtesy of TaxLinks), including the following:

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