Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Federal marriage amendment dies in Senate.

According to this afternoon's Washington Post web page, the federal marriage amendment died in the Senate this afternoon. Here's the link to the Senate's roll-call vote on the motion to close debate (which is how anything gets to a vote on the Senate floor - 60 votes are required, and this motion got only 48). Because 6 Republicans broke ranks and voted with all but 3 Democrats against cloture, it will be a little harder for the Administration to make this a big campaign issue in the fall than if all the Republicans stuck together and could complain that same-sex marriage is favored by "those Democrats":
The vote by the Republican-controlled Senate amounted to an embarrassing defeat for President Bush and conservative leaders who had pushed hard for approval of the amendment as a way of protecting traditional marriage. But Senate GOP leaders vowed to continue pushing for the amendment, hoping it will galvanize conservatives in the November election and help elect more supporters of the amendment.

"This issue is not going away," Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-Tenn.) said.
The World's Greatest Deliberative Body comes through again!
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