Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Rationing in America.

For those few Americans who still believe that rationing is what the health care systems in Canada and the UK do, but not us, a subscription to the Wall Street Journal would be a real eye-opener. The Journal's been running stories about health-care rationing in the US for the past 6 months and has them collected on the home page of its special health care edition. The titles include:

• Six Prescriptions to Ease Rationing

• Universal Care Has a Big Price: Patients Wait

• Longer Dialysis Raises Hopes, but Poses Dilemma

• Stark Choices at a Texas Hospital

• Lilly Fuels Debate Over Rationing

• An Invisible Web of Gatekeepers

• Health Care's Big Secret: Rationing Is Here
posted by Tom Mayo, 11:05 PM

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