Saturday, December 06, 2003

Links to N.Y. Times articles.

Links like the one in the post immediately below are a little iffy. The Times takes articles off its free site after a few days and then limits access based on your ability or willingness to pay. They have relented to some extent, by allowing Dave Winer and USerland to provide stable links to their articles for the benefit of blawgers like me and readers like you. Thus, the Userland link to the article below should be good forever. But I pulled that article up through Google News, and their link, which is the one I used below, uses the same "partner=" format as Userland's link and may be just as stable.

Fortunately, at least with respect to some of their reporting on Medicare, the Times has announced that it will keep their articles in a section of their web site that is free to the public. So -- again, in theory -- the link to the Times' web page for Reed Abelson's piece should be good for a long time, as well. I don't actually believe it and will continue to provide Userland or Google News links until the whole question of stability settles out.
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