Friday, October 24, 2003

FDA eases stance on importing medicines

The FDA has softened the official (hard) line against importing drugs from Canada, according to an article in today's Boston Globe: "'We're not considering legal action against cities or states,' said William K. Hubbard, associate commissioner for policy and planning at the FDA." The FDA isn't giving up its suits against the major suppliers to these state and local programs, however:
Hubbard said the FDA would continue its court battles against "businesses that sell commercial quantities of drugs" from overseas. The agency sent a cease-and-desist letter last month to CanaRx, the company that arranges for Canadian drugs to be shipped to Springfield. The Justice Department is awaiting a ruling after suing in Oklahoma to shut down a chain of stores that provide Canadian drugs under the names Rx Depot and Rx of Canada.
Presumably the cities and states are free to negotiate with Canadian pharmacies for discounted prices and employees would then be able to place their orders directly from the Canadian firms.
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