Monday, July 14, 2003

Medicare reform. Why should we be surprised? The Washington Post reports today that the Medicare not-exactly-comprehensive-prescription-drug-benefit-that-we-still-can't-afford bills (S. 1, H.R. 1) have "become a magnet for dozens of unrelated provisions benefiting hospitals, doctors, medical equipment companies and an array of other health care interests." Citing "many [provisions] dropped into the legislation in the small hours of June 27, just before Senate passage [that] would benefit [chiropractors,] marriage counselors, the weight-management industry, rural ambulance services, Hawaii's Medicaid program and doctors in Alaska." Stating the obvious, but something that needs to be said anyway, the Post writes: "the legislation proved to be an irresistible target for an army of health care lobbyists lured by the first major Medicare bill to move through Congress in three years."
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